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To Power or Not To Power Your Feature film by AI?: Exploring Case Studies from Europe’s Leading Feature Length AI Filmmakers and Studios

Cannes Next | Marché du film

How are European filmmakers harnessing the power of new technologies especially in the framework where Europe is focusing on strong regulation of generative technology?

This session features Europe’s foresighted filmmakers and producers who have experimented with artificial intelligence for high artistry and production quality feature projects. Learn from the creative, technical, and production journeys of “About a Hero” by Piotr Vinievicz, an adaptation of a script written by large language models custom trained on the works of one of the world’s most iconoclastic filmmakers, and “Electric Child” by Simon Jaquemet, a thriller where a computer scientist bargains with the AI life form that lives in his supercomputer simulation, offering its freedom in exchange for a cure to his son’s rare, deadly neurological disease. Plus, find out how the new creative landscape with generative tools fit into the life of a European production company and curators of Sonar’s generative content film festival.

Year: 2024.

Duration: 1:15h.

Speakers: Anna Giralt Gris, Jorge Caballero, Mads Damsbo, Simon Jaquemet, Piotr Winiewicz.

Moderator: Sten-Kristian Saluveer.

Location: Escenario principal (Riviera). Cannes.