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Runway Studios & Artefacto

Our Purpose

OpenDocs was launched to help support short non-fiction films focused on exploring contemporary global issues, leveraging generative AI as a core storytelling component.
We promote and foster access to generative AI and creative tooling for documentary filmmakers while also providing financial support, mentorship, and production backing for selected projects.
OpenDocs accepts submissions and provides support on a rolling basis.
Next submission deadline January 15th, 2024.

Sponsors Runway Studios & Artefacto

Submission guidelines

Runway Studios provides selected projects with $2,500 USD and an Unlimited Runway plan to help bring projects to life.
Artefacto manages executive production in order to supervise selected projects from inception to completion. With consistent guidance over the 3-month production phase, Artefacto ensures projects meet quality and innovation standards. 

Core Initiatives

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We are keen to support films that expand the horizons of nonfiction storytelling with AI-powered tools.

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We are eager to collaborate with independent artists, journalists, and collaborative teams.

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We encourage submissions from regions with limited access to AI-powered technologies.

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We embrace non-traditional and innovative methods of storytelling in nonfiction.

Submission guidelines

  1. No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or participate.

  2. Scope of Projects: This grant is open to supporting original non-fiction projects: documentaries, animations rooted in reality and any other innovative experimentations around the documentary genre. Projects that blend real-life footage with imagery generated by Runway’s generative models, or exclusively utilize Runway models.

  3. Project Stage: Projects can be in the late development stage or early production phase. Completed projects will NOT be accepted.

  4. Originality & Ownership: Projects must be original and must not be encumbered by third-party rights. The authorship should be wholly recognized by the applicant.

  5. Technical Requirements: Projects submitted should, to some degree, employ techniques or methodologies based on generative video technology enhanced by AI models and AI-powered tools. Additionally, they must provide an English-subtitled version of the finished film.

  6. Duration: projects must adhere to a maximum duration of 7 minutes to maintain a focused and engaging narrative experience. 

  7. Production Time: the production timeline should not exceed 3 months from the moment the grant is received.

Terms of participation

By participating in this open call, creators agree to:

  1. Adhere to the guidelines and rules set out in this document.

  2. Exclusively use the AI models made available by Runway.

  3. Participate in a behind-the-scenes video feature.
  4. Grant Runway Studios and Artefacto the right to use any produced content for promotional and research purposes.

  5. Acknowledge and give credit as co producers to Runway Studios and Artefacto in any resulting content.

  6. Projects will be publicly showcased as part of Runway Watch.


Any personal information gathered during a creator’s participation will be used solely for the administration and execution of the open call and will not be shared with third parties without explicit consent. 

Submission ownership & rights

By participating and submitting a proposal, entrants (a) confirm that they have all rights to use any and all content and materials that has been or will be included in their film; and (b) grant sponsors a non-exclusive, perpetual, transferable, global license to the project’s intellectual property rights, and that they have all necessary rights to grant this license. This allows sponsors to display, modify, and use the project on its platforms, including promotional materials, without further approvals. While sponsors can adjust the project for quality or other purposes, entrants still retain primary rights and intellectual ownership. Any moral rights associated with the project, to the extent permitted by law, are waived by the entrants.