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Roadmovie is an application aimed at producers that simplifies access to film financing by turning complex calls into easily accessible information. Using natural language processing (NLP) models and technologies, the system allows users to learn and interact more efficiently and quickly with relevant information, thus speeding up the application process.

Through knowledge boxes, users can connect their projects and calls through nodes, and they can also maintain customized chats with these aids, as if they were interacting with experts in the field.

The first area of application for Roadmovie is national and international calls in the film and audiovisual sector.

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Screenings is an application designed to facilitate real-time feedback on rough cuts of films. Its design allows for the synchronization of timecode during the screening with any mobile device, enabling users to write comments without losing track. Thanks to its simplicity, Screenings is perfect for efficiently working on and visualizing feedback during post-production.

Screenings operates using a system similar to dating apps. Users can swipe right or left to indicate their preference for a particular timecode, and swiping up or down allows viewers to add supplementary notes.

Once the process is complete, the application generates a graph of all viewer comments and allows users to visit the marked points of interest. Through the use of AI, Screenings also provides a summary of the overall evaluation by each viewer and the group as a whole. 

Smart archive search

Smart Archive Search es una solución de búsqueda y gestión de contenidos audiovisuales dirigida a creadores, productores, archivos y broadcasters que se nutre de inteligencia artificial para ofrecer un acceso rápido y preciso hacia material relevante de calidad. 

Smart Archive Search genera etiquetas y metadatos semánticos para describir y categorizar el contenido audiovisual, lo que facilita la búsqueda y clasificación de contenidos relevantes en función de las necesidades del usuario.

La aplicación también combina toda la información analizada para proporcionar sugerencias y recomendaciones de contenido personalizadas, basadas en las preferencias y necesidades del usuario.

Por último, ofrece una plataforma donde los usuarios pueden compartir fácilmente contenido y colaborar en proyectos, optimizando así el flujo de trabajo y la eficiencia en la gestión de contenidos audiovisuales.