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La Trama (Artificial Intelligence)

Podcast: LaTrama (Artificial Intelligence)

Taking advantage of the exhibition at the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, ‘Artificial Intelligence,’ curated by Lluís Nacenta, this podcast addresses this new phenomenon (AI) and its current and future impact on the world of screenwriting. The discussion features Carme Puche Moré, a film director, activist, and vice president of DONES VISUALS; and Anna Giralt Gris, a filmmaker, researcher, and co-founder of GusanoFilms and Artefacto (a lab that explores the intersections between technology and cinema). She co-directs the FEST section of the +RAIN Film Fest.

What creative opportunities and challenges does this tool entail? Will we end up watching series written by AI? Why must the human craft be protected? What new literary professions will emerge? What conclusions can we draw from the Hollywood strike?

Year: 2023
Duration: 1 h
Guests: Carme Puche Moré, Anna Giralt Gris, Pau Subirós, and Víctor Sala.

Link: La Trama