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Towards a New Dimension of Film Editing (Article)

Article: «Towards a New Dimension of Film Editing: Exploring the Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence»

Film editing is an essential process in filmmaking that allows manipulation of time, space, and image composition. With the emergence of deep learning models and artificial intelligence (AI), new possibilities for exploration in film editing are opening up, significantly transforming editing processes and proposing new methodologies. This article analyzes how the implementation of AI-based systems can automate processes, improve efficiency in film production, and open up new avenues for experimentation and artistic creation.

Case studies are explored in the understanding and generation of audiovisual content, such as Adobe’s experimental project Blink. Furthermore, the discussion delves into how the incorporation of generous interfaces can enable more intuitive and natural interaction with audiovisual material in the field of film editing. Finally, the potential of automatic video generation models, such as Google’s Phenaki and Runway’s Gen, in expanding the logic of editing towards generative practices and creating missing or relevant content for audiovisual works is examined.

Year: 2023
Pages: 6
Written by: Jorge Caballero
Journal: HIPERTEXT.NET – Academic Journal on Digital Documentation and Interactive Communication

Link: Towards a New Dimension of Film Editing: Exploring the Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence