Artefacto Films

Expanded Writing: A Workshop on AI and Literary Creativity

As part of the 7th edition of RODANDO PÁGINAS, from books to screens, this theoretical-practical workshop was held, designed to explore artificial intelligence (AI) models, especially large language models (LLMs), and their various applications in creative and technical writing. A historical review of computer-assisted writing processes was conducted, highlighting the development of generative electronic literature […]

From the Cinematograph to AI: Technology for Amazement

Podcast: «Beware of Hidden Macros: From the Cinematograph to AI, Technology to Amaze» Is technology the key to astonishing the audience? In this episode, experts reflect from the Sitges Film Festival on the impact of Artificial Intelligence in cinema, particularly in special and visual effects. This podcast was recorded live at the King Kong Area […]

Conversations on AI – Episode 1

Podcast: «Artificial Intelligence Will Change Cinema – Conversations on AI Ep. 1» Can AI change the way cinema is produced, distributed, and consumed? Can it change the way we tell stories? In this conversation between Xavier Mitjana and Anna Giralt Gris, they explain how AI will bring about new forms of audiovisual expression and an […]

Towards a New Dimension of Film Editing (Article)

Article: «Towards a New Dimension of Film Editing: Exploring the Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence» Film editing is an essential process in filmmaking that allows manipulation of time, space, and image composition. With the emergence of deep learning models and artificial intelligence (AI), new possibilities for exploration in film editing are opening up, significantly transforming editing […]

Artificial Intelligence in Cinema

Podcast: «Artificial Intelligence in Cinema» In this episode, recorded on September 15 at the Xepia Auditorium of the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente during the Cortos Cali Festival, Víctor H. León and Manuelita Rosero talk with researchers and audiovisual creators Jorge Caballero Ramos and Anna Giralt Gris. Both are co-founders of Gusano Films and Artefacto, production […]

Opening Session EINA 2023-2024

Anna Giralt Gris discusses specific areas where generative AI can be beneficial in Case Study 3 of the EINA 2023-2024 opening session. She explains how her production company, Artefacto, has utilized various AI tools in the creation of several documentary films and details the processes they have followed. Year: 2023Duration: 51 minutesSpeaker: Anna Giralt GrisLocation: […]

La Trama (Artificial Intelligence)

Podcast: LaTrama (Artificial Intelligence) Taking advantage of the exhibition at the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, ‘Artificial Intelligence,’ curated by Lluís Nacenta, this podcast addresses this new phenomenon (AI) and its current and future impact on the world of screenwriting. The discussion features Carme Puche Moré, a film director, activist, and vice president of […]

The AI in Creative Industries (Article)

Article: «The AI in Creative Industries: Neither a Black Box Nor Magic» The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) in the film industry marks a milestone comparable to the invention of the photographic camera in the 19th century: a technological advance that gave rise to a new art form, photography. This article delves into how this […]

To Power or Not To Power Your Feature film by AI?: Exploring Case Studies from Europe’s Leading Feature Length AI Filmmakers and Studios

Cannes Next | Marché du film How are European filmmakers harnessing the power of new technologies especially in the framework where Europe is focusing on strong regulation of generative technology? This session features Europe’s foresighted filmmakers and producers who have experimented with artificial intelligence for high artistry and production quality feature projects. Learn from the […]

CVEU Workshop –  ICCV Paris

Masterclass: «Does AI Cinema Really Exist?» This talk is for the third edition of AI for Creative Video Editing and Understanding (CVEU). The workshop brings together researchers, artists, and entrepreneurs working in computer vision, machine learning, computer graphics, human-computer interaction, and cognitive research. Its goal is to raise awareness of recent advances in machine learning […]

Alternate Realities Summit- Sheffiled Doc Fest

Presentation «AI – Friend or Foe of Storytelling» Artificial intelligence is changing the landscape of our daily lives in potentially seismic ways. But how is it affecting our storytelling? This panel invites AI experts and artists who employ the medium in their works to explore its potential in the creative process. The discussion will also […]

DOK Exchange XR

DOK Exchange XR is DOK Leipzig’s inspiration and networking program focused on interactive and immersive storytelling, with an emphasis on XR works and the sustainable development of the international community of XR creators, producers, and distributors. This year, the program focused on: Generative AI and its impact on human creativity and society.Opportunities and threats associated […]