Artefacto Films

CVEU Workshop –  ICCV Paris

Masterclass: «Does AI Cinema Really Exist?» This talk is for the third edition of AI for Creative Video Editing and Understanding (CVEU). The workshop brings together researchers, artists, and entrepreneurs working in computer vision, machine learning, computer graphics, human-computer interaction, and cognitive research. Its goal is to raise awareness of recent advances in machine learning […]

Alternate Realities Summit- Sheffiled Doc Fest

Presentation «AI – Friend or Foe of Storytelling» Artificial intelligence is changing the landscape of our daily lives in potentially seismic ways. But how is it affecting our storytelling? This panel invites AI experts and artists who employ the medium in their works to explore its potential in the creative process. The discussion will also […]

DOK Exchange XR

DOK Exchange XR is DOK Leipzig’s inspiration and networking program focused on interactive and immersive storytelling, with an emphasis on XR works and the sustainable development of the international community of XR creators, producers, and distributors. This year, the program focused on: Generative AI and its impact on human creativity and society.Opportunities and threats associated […]

Masterclass «AI in Film Production and Creation: Challenges and Opportunities»

AI is shaping the film industry and presenting new opportunities, but also unique challenges. In this masterclass, we explore how AI is redefining film production, from automating certain processes to generating creative content. We will analyze the most advanced tools, practical applications, and what it means for film professionals. Year: 2023Duration: 1 hourSpeaker: Anna Giralt […]

Body AI – L’Alternativa 2023

Body AI «Workshop on Film, Artificial Intelligence, and Corporeality» While the dynamics of film production are primarily based on rational logic, technology enables other approaches that emphasize the body and vital rhythms as drivers of research and creation. This workshop aims to delve into a systematic process of working with images, with an emphasis on […]

Cinemateca Bogotá – Artificio

Creativity and Artificial Intelligence Workshop A creativity and artificial intelligence workshop aimed at creators from various disciplines to learn about and promote the use of artificial intelligence in creative processes. This workshop provides an overview of creative AI and allows participants to develop individual projects using the Runway platform. Year: 2019Duration: 5 hoursInstructors: Jorge Caballero, […]

Automating Creativity

Seminar on documentary film and artificial intelligence at DocumentaMadrid 2019. Can machines help us be more creative? The recent massive implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is causing a revolution in many human activities, including those assumed to be irreplaceable, such as creative endeavors. The film industry is not immune to this transformation, and the use […]

Workshop at the 4th edition of esc19

Presentation of the ARTIFICIO project and RUNWAY tool. Workshop «Artificial Intelligence and Creativity» conducted by Anna Giralt Gris at the fourth edition of ESC19, a non-urban gathering for experimentation and dissemination of creative, artistic, free, and people-centric use of electronic/digital technology. RUNWAY is introduced, a set of tools that allows creators of all kinds to […]

Creative artificial intelligences

Conference at CCCB with Anna Giralt Gris, Carme Torras, Lali Barrière, and Carles Sora. At a time when artificial intelligence has made significant strides in its creative applications, we aim to create a space for debate about the nature of automated artistic creation. We share a panel with female experts in artificial intelligence, philosophy, literature, […]

Deepfakes Seminar: Fiction, Politics, and Algorithms

In the era of post-truth, where false information is designed and created as a tool to gain economic or political benefits, the ability to trace and verify the origin of content is a significant challenge. However, the fact that most Deepfake videos are obviously fake makes them simultaneously unsettling and intriguing.In this seminar, we aim […]

Done 4

Conference: «The Good Photography» Photography has moved beyond the digital era and entered a new evolutionary stage: the computational era. This new phase is filled with hopes, doubts, miracles, and dangers that, in many cases, elude human control and comprehension. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, datasets, neural networks, adversarial images, or deepfakes are concepts that we […]

Muta festival and artificio

Workshop: «Artificial Intelligence Tools for Creativity» Artificial intelligence mechanisms are often associated with industrial practices, and their complexity and cost can make them inaccessible to other sectors. However, thanks to open-source code, free repositories on the internet, and the current power of cloud computing, creators from any discipline can access these powerful tools. Due to […]